The 4 Ws

These 4 components are a staple to my everyday "routine".  Once I am victorious in the first one, I MUST do the other three.  If not, my day is off.  I equate it to how many feel when they don't get that first cup of coffee lol Wake-up - God has given me another day ! Never take for granted the air that you breathe.  It wasn't the alarm clock that woke you up.  It was God!  Because He woke you up, you were able to hear the alarm clock go off.  Because I am grateful for life, it leads me to Worship. Worship- I begin to thank Him for the blessings.  I spend time with Him seeking wisdom and clarity and focus and direction.  Psalm 37:23 (TPT) " The steps of the God-pursuing ones  follow firmly in the footsteps of the Lord,  and God delights in every step they take to follow him."  It's in worship the I receive my instructions and charge for the day.  How will I know what I'm purposed to do unless I ask the One who created me?  It's in the St

Launching further into the deep

Happy April!  It's a new month and it's the beginning of the second quarter!  It's always great to begin a new anything with something new. I have been challenged by God, yet again, in a new area.  Several months ago, He told me to launch a tee-shirt line.  And like I've said to Him before, "but everyone else is doing it". He just laughed and said, "but everyone is not doing THIS". I welcome you to L.O.Y.L., the line of tee-shirts created with the introvert in mind.  L.O.Y.L. stands for Living Out Your Lifestyle.  As an introvert, I would SO rather be behind the scenes, where I am most comfortable.  But God has pushed me to be in the front, center stage.  Not for me but for His glory.  I'm not the talk to flat out walk up to a group of people or even one person and strike up a conversation.  But I KNOW I have to share Jesus with the lost.  So God told me to create something that expresses my faith in action.  How do I SHOW or live out my l

F.I.T. For The Call

F.I.T. For the Call " Have you forgotten that your body is now the sacred temple of the Spirit of Holiness, who lives in you? You don’t belong to yourself any longer, for the gift of God, the Holy Spirit, lives inside your sanctuary."   1 Corinthians 6:19- (The Passion Translation) I enjoy my sleep!  I am a very light sleeper.  The smallest sound wakes me up and sometimes I'm up for a while after that. I wish I could be that sound sleeper, or that person that falls asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.  But I'm not.....I digress.....Because I am a child of God, my desires (flesh) must come under subjection to Him.  So although I'd much rather stay snuggled up under the warm covers, I force myself out the bed to pray and go exercise.  Now granted, I don't have far to go to the gym (basement- Praise Jesus for that)....but it's cold down there LOL This morning while I was working out, God told me, "take care of my instrument." 

Mean what you pray.....

This morning while in my Quiet Time With Jesus, the Lord spoke this to me for His people...... "Do you mean what you pray? I hear your words, but I see your heart. Are they in alignment with each other? Think carefully what you pray. When I answer your prayers, in MY way and not your way, will you still respond to what you prayed? Man looks at the outward but I look within. Your prayers may sounds pretty but how do they look? Are they just empty words or are there tears behind what you pray? Is there sincerity? Is there apprehension to pray because you know I will respond according to how I please? Again I ask, do you mean what you pray?" Be blessed,

Tick Tick Tick: No Time to Waste

John 9:4-5    4  We must do what the one who sent me wants us to do while it is day. The night when no one can do anything is coming.  5  As long as I’m in the world, I’m light for the world.” Have you ever grabbed your phone to check an email or respond to a text message and you get completely side tracked?  Have you ever logged on to your social media account (pick one of the many) for a "quick" check-in, but hours later, there you are, still scrolling and sucked into the drama of the social media life? I have!  There, feel better? Now you don't have to feel alone...or bad that you often get pulled into social media longer than you desire.... There are times when I have to force myself to do nothing because I do so much.  But the times when I should be doing something, I find myself often staring in space or aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook.  I don't know how anyone can have more then two active social media accounts.  It's ove

Worship So Hard

Worship So Hard When I don't have the words to pray.... I worship  When I don't think I have the strength to get through the day... I worship.  See worship is more than a song. It's what pulls you through when you feel like you can't go on. See worship is more than just a rhythm and beat.... it's what lifts you up when life knocks you off your feet. So although I may be quiet, it doesn't mean that I am silent.  Because it is through worship that I say the most.

Lord Give Me A Sign....

No I'm not quoting lyrics from a DMX song 😃 So many times, when we pray, we sometimes aren't sure if the answer is from God or if it's something we create in our minds.....oh, I guess I'm the only one.  Anywhooo It's not that there is just want to "know that you know that you know" 100% that this is God speaking. Here's my many more signs does God have to give you before you know that it is Him giving you the green light? I understand the first time "missing" the sign, okay maybe even the second time.  But after the third, fourth, and tenth sign, it's past time to listen.  Meaning you're treading a very thin line of walking in disobedience to the instructions God has given you.  Of course we don't want to look at it like that because we often think disobedience is the "big sin".  But there is no such thing as a big sin or little sin with God.  It's ALL sin to Him.  So whet